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Paranoia, Conspiracy Theories, and Righteousness

Another point that I brought up in the book, but didn't develop is something that I am seeing so strongly today. Not only do I see it in our politics, but in all levels of our beliefs.

And it is this: we will embrace any mythology, any belief system that casts us as the good-guys or the innocent victims. We are desperate to be declared righteous.  What I see is this: we are a people in love with conspiracy theories. Just about anything today cannot only be believed or questioned, but  we will take a position, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, all for the sake of the seductive innuendo of conspiracy theory. From the absurd conservative doubting of climate change to scenarios where people doubt the earth is a sphere or that the moon landings took place, we are capable of doubting in the face of overwhelming evidence. A usual component of any of these theories is that the government is out to get us and is lying to us. People seem to grasp that belief without even so much a…

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