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Starting a New Book

I'm starting a new book on Christ's mother, Mary. Here is the prologue.

Simply Mary: Reflections on the Real life of the Mother of Christ by James Prothero

Prologue I am writing this book because I have been looking for it for years, but no one has dared to write it. I was always injudicious, so here I go. Certainly, I am not qualified, which is why I thought I should do it. Mary herself, by any measure of her time, was not qualified. It seems to be a good qualification to not be qualified. Ok, let me explain more clearly. You don't have to believe me, but . . . . Lots of stories start that way, and belief is a complex thing. So you have the disclaimer. Ready? In 2005 one evening I was going to bed in my bedroom, in the house I still live in. At the foot of my bed I strongly sensed a human presence. I neither saw nor heard anything out of the ordinary. But I knew with an absolute certainty that Mary was standing there. There was no apparition as at Lourdes or Guadalupe.…

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