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My book, The Form of Faith

Part of the reason for this blog is to make people aware of my book, The Form of Faith: Reflections on My Life, Romanticism, Meaning, and the Christian Faith. I will publish from time to time, excerpts here and other thoughts I have on the subject. Today, I am going to give you the preface, which will tell you more about what the book is about.


Preface This work is something of a spiritual autobiography and something of an essay. That alone will expose it to criticism, as it is somewhat a hybrid. But I stand in a long and honorable line that way, going back to Lewis, Newman, and ultimately Augustine. Indeed, I have found thoughtful autobiography to shed far more light than abstract argumentation or pure unreflective autobiography. Moreover, this work was created in response to the question that loomed so large in my mind and with which I still wrestle: how does one live a Christian witness in the 21st century that is not culturally hijacked by political identification and can s…

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